Monday, August 9, 2010

Teen Choice Awards Highlights Include 'Twilight,' Host Katy Perry

'Step Up 3D' dancers and performances by Travie McCoy and Jason Derúlo also stand out during show, which airs Monday night.
UNIVERSAL CITY, California -- Compared with the sensation caused by Miley Cyrus' saucy performance of "Party in the USA" at last year's Teen Choice Awards, the 2010 show was pretty tame. With 85.5 million votes cast, "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" and "Eclipse" took home the most awards (15 in total).

Just like any other awards show, the reason to tune in when the show airs Monday night (August 9) on Fox is to catch a glimpse of your favorite stars, and the 2010 Teen Choice Awards certainly delivered big names. Attendees and winners included: Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Megan Fox, Channing Tatum, Sandra Bullock and David Beckham, just to name a few.

Beginning with host Katy Perry and co-hosts/ "Glee" co-stars Cory Monteith, Mark Salling, Kevin McHale and Chris Colfer, any time Perry took the stage with one of the boys, they played to a recurring theme of revisiting high school and being in a "Teenage Dream," which involved costume changes into different stereotypes: jock, nerd, hippie, prom king and queen.

Other show highlights included killer live performances: The two best were by the "Step Up 3D" dancers, who wowed the crowd with acrobatics and crazy dance moves and, later in the show, Bruno Mars and Travie McCoy's high-energy rendition of "Billionaire." Jason Derülo also get style points for opening his "In My Head" number sporting light-up shoes and MJ-inspired moves.

Sandra Bullock's acceptance of Choice Movie Actress (for her performances in "The Blind Side" and "The Proposal") and Choice Movie Dance was another key moment because she involved her "Proposal" and dance-sequence co-star, Betty White. Bullock taunted White to come onstage, and the spry 88-year-old responded by shimmy-ing her way to Bullock, and they shared a freestyle dance moment together, which delighted the crowd.

Another acceptance-speech-related highlight was Taylor Swift's remote thank you for her award. Swift appeared in a taped message wearing a wet suit, Teen Choice Award surfboard in hand, and literally jumped into a lake with the board, attempting to surf on it, sans waves or ocean.

In addition to expected ear-splitting screams for Pattinson and Lautner, Choice Male Athlete David Beckham earned a healthy share of his own. Not only that, but to accept his surfboard, he brought his three sons onstage with him, and at the end, they tossed Beckham-signed soccer balls into the crowd. Awww.

The show ended with the very sizable casts of "New Moon" and "Eclipse" onstage to send a group thank you to their Most Obsessive Fans.

2010 Teen Choice Awards : List of Music Winners

Justin Bieber leads the pack with four surfboards, followed by Eminem, Taylor Swift and Paramore with three kudos each.

The 2010 Teen Choice Awards will not be aired until Monday night, August 9 but fans don't have to wait any longer to find out who is taking home the surfboards. In music field, it is 16-year-old Justin Bieber who dominates the winners list with four kudos.

The Canadian singing sensation who performed "U Smile" via satellite for the Sunday prize-giving event actually was already presented with the four awards last month. His pal Shaquille O'Neal surprised him at a concert by announcing that he won Choice Breakout Artist - Male, Choice Pop Album, Choice Male Artist and Choice Summer Music Star - Male.

The only prize Bieber lost is the one which he is vying against David Archuleta, Miley Cyrus, "Glee" cast and "Twilight" stars for Most Fanatic Fans. The "Baby" hitmaker gave it up to the vampire depicters in Robert Pattinson- starring movie.

Following Bieber's domination closely with three gongs each are Eminem, Taylor Swift and Paramore. The other multiple scorers include Lady GaGa, Katy Perry and Selena Gomez.

Beside having a live appearance from Justin Bieber, the TCAs also featured performances from Jason Derulo, host Katy Perry, Travis McCoy and Bruno Mars. Perry sang "Teenage Dream", Derulo delivered "In My Head", while McCoy and Mars teamed up in "Billionaire".
Choice Female Artist: Lady GaGa
Choice Male Artist: Justin Bieber
Choice Group: Selena Gomez & The Scene
Choice Pop Album: "My World 2.0" - Justin Bieber
Choice Rock Album: "Brand New Eyes" - Paramore
Choice Rock Group: Paramore
Choice R&B Album: "Jason Derulo" - Jason Derulo
Choice R&B Artist: Beyonce Knowles
Choice Rap Album: "Relapse" - Eminem
Choice Rap Artist: Eminem
Choice Country Album: "Fearless" - Taylor Swift
Choice Country Group: Lady Antebellum
Choice Country Artist - Male: Keith Urban
Choice Country Artist - Female: Taylor Swift
Choice Single: "California Gurls" - Katy Perry
Choice Hook Up: "Airplanes" - B.o.B ft. Hayley Williams
Choice Breakout Artist - Male: Justin Bieber
Choice Breakout Artist - Female: Selena Gomez & The Scene
Choice Love Song: "When I Look at You" - Miley Cyrus
Choice R&B Track: "OMG" - Usher
Choice Rap/Hip-Hop Track: "Love the Way You Lie" - Eminem ft. Rihanna
Choice Rock Track: "Ignorance" - Paramore
Choice Country Song: "Fifteen" - Taylor Swift
Choice Summer Song: "California Gurls" - Katy Perry
Choice Summer Music Star - Male: Justin Bieber
Choice Summer Music Star - Female: Lady GaGa

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Eminem and Rihanna Filming 'Love the Way You Lie' Video

The rapper and the singer performed together in front of a burning house for a video shoot helmed by Joseph Kahn.

On July 21, Eminem and Rihanna teamed up in Los Angeles for video shoot of their duet track "Love the Way You Lie". In a picture obtained by RapRadar, the Slim Shady is seen sporting a casual white undershirt while the Barbadian singer is snapped wearing all-black-everything ensemble.

More set images from the Wednesday filming are out via On Location News. They all capture Rihanna performing in front of a burning house. Eminem was "later seen but not photographed" performing together with her on the same set.

The video shoot was done under direction from Joseph Kahn. The acclaimed music video director complained about paparazzi taking pictures during the filming. He reached out to Twitter to express his frustration, "Paparazzi stop trying to ruin my shots. Thank you."

Some of the onlookers even offered a favor to wash the director's car. Kahn wrote, "Some offered to wash my car on set and I got tingly. I think have autoturtlewaxopholia."

Before the on-set picture surfaced, rumor from E! Online suggested Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan were tapped to make appearances. The Fox rumor was later denied, but there is still no word on the status of Monaghan on the video. So far, there hasn't been any evidence that the "Lost" actor has shot a scene for the clip.

"Love the Way You Lie" is taken from Eminem's latest studio album "Recovery". After being blocked for a while by Katy Perry with his summer anthem "California Gurls", the joint track finally reaches No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100.

Christina Aguilera's 'You Lost Me' Music Video Arrives in Full

he 'Bionic' singer can't take it anymore, singing in agony and pushing her lover away in this Anthony Mandler-directed music video.

Christina Aguilera's music video in support of her ballad track "You Lost Me" has hit the web. Directed by Anthony Mandler, the clip mostly highlights the 29-year-old singer in her devastated state as her romance is doomed. In one scene, she pushes her lover away when he tries to get close to her.

"From the first keys of the opening of the track, we know that we are about to watch something that is going to move and transform us," Mandler previously told PopEater. "In the end, we've traveled through Christina's world. One that is physical, mental and spiritually charged. Nothing is what it seems. Everything is fractured and evolving, falling away ... fragile."

"You Lost Me" is taken from Christina Aguilera's latest album "Bionic" which has been in stores since June this year.

Taylor Swift's New Album Due Oct. 25, New Single Slated for Aug. 16

The album is titled 'Speak Now' and contains songs that she wrote herself, while the single is called 'Mine' and talks about her 'tendency to run from love.'

Taylor Swift has revealed some details about her next studio installment. During a Ustream live chat Tuesday, July 20, the country music singer announced that the effort is titled "Speak Now" and will arrive worldwide on October 25. "It's called Speak Now, and that pertains to the album as a concept and as an entire theme of the record more than I can even tell you," she said during the chat which drew more than 58,000 viewers.

"I've been working on it for two years, so ever since we put out Fearless, I've been writing for this record and sort of conceptualizing it and putting it together in my head and sort of figuring out what I want it to be," she explained more. "I like to take a lot of time in between albums to work up the next one and see what it is."

The songs that made the cut to the album are the ones which she wrote herself. "I didn't have any co-writers, and it didn't really happen on purpose," she stated. "I'd get my best ideas at 3 A.M. in Arkansas when I didn't have any co-writers around, so I would just finish it." And the same thing also happened in New York, Boston and Nashville. She said, "It just so happened that the songs that made the cut on the album were the ones I wrote myself, so, wish me luck!"

On the things that inspired her, the 20-year-old beauty said it's her experience in the past two years post "Fearless". She shared, "I write everything that I live, so you got to give yourself a little bit of time to live a lot of things so you can write about a lot of things, and my only option is to write about what I've been through and what I've lived, so thankfully, in the past two years, I've experienced a lot of things that I've been dying to write about and a lot of things that I wanted to say in the moment that I didn't."

The first single called "Mine" is going to be released on August 16 and it's about her "tendency to run from love." The ex-girlfriend of Joe Jonas explained, "[It's] every really direct example of love that I've had in front of me has ended in goodbye and ended in breakups and things like that. So I think I've developed this pattern of running away when it comes time to fall in love and stay in a relationship."

"The song is sort of about finding the exception to that and finding someone who would make you believe in love and realize that it could work out, because I'm never ever going to go past hoping that love works out." Later in the chat, she also talked about filming "Mine" music video in a "gorgeous" location which she wishes to live there one day.

Another track which will be included in the upcoming release is titled "Sparks Fly". She said, "I played that song at one or two shows, and you guys really jumped on it and made it something I had to put on the album, because you guys really showed interest in it."

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lily Allen hesitates at crossroads of Fame

Lily Allen, the singer-turned-…um… entrepreneur(?) has allegedly decided to see less of her hip, London friends so she can better enjoy life with her boyfriend.

“She has deleted the numbers of her showbiz friends from her phone,” said a source. “Lily says she wants no part of the party stuff that goes with being in the public eye, and she wants to concentrate on starting a family. She believes the only way to start afresh is to cut all ties with her old showbiz mates.”

Meanwhile Lily’s mum Alison Owen has admitted she worried about her daughter being in the spotlight. "I was extremely proud of what she had achieved, but I felt scared for her, protective of her, jealous other people had a part of her,” said mum. "It felt as if she wasn't mine so much any more."

Allegedly the Not Fair singer is thinking of moving to Gloucestershire, to be closer to her aggressive and unpleasant father Keith. It would be a shame to lose Lily to the countryside because that would definitely mean no second series for Lily Allen And Friends. Come on BBC fat cats, that show was just starting to find its audience (single cell organisms and drunk people waiting for The Mint to come on).

Ke$ha talks about boys and stuff with Rihanna. Giggle

What is it about Ke$ha that makes her so damn hard to like? Is it the woefully disingenuous “party grrrl” image, dreamt up no doubt by a board room of cynical, middle-aged record executives? Is it the fact everything she says seems like the demented, try-hard ravings of a 14-year-old determined to prove to her friends that she’s “kooky” and “random”? We’ll never know.

At this point though, Ke$ha wants us to know how awesome it is being on tour with her best pal Rihanna. "We have slumber parties and pillow fights and we braid each other's hair a lot. We talk about boys, naked," said the singer. "Touring with Rihanna is incredible, you should come see it… It’s epic."

Can we put a moratorium on people using the word “epic” in this fashion? An epic is a story which deals with heroic characters on a grand, majestic scale. An epic is not slumber parties and pillow fights.